145 State Street          Rutland, VT 05701


Dental Clinic

Routine exams, cleaning, and more!

Our dental services include:
• Routine exams and cleaning
• X-rays
• Fillings
• Extractions

Someone seeking dental services must first complete a medical exam. This requirement ensures that the patient is not suffering from an oral infection which requires antibiotic treatment prior to their dental appointment. It also allows the clinic to establish a patient record and identify any allergies or conditions that must be documented in order to provide safe treatment to the patient.

Routine exams, cleanings and x-rays are generally provided at the Clinic location by our volunteer Dentists and hygienists. If a filling or extraction is required, the patient will be referred to one of our community partners where the procedure will be performed free of charge.

Extractions must be performed by an oral surgeon. When this service is necessary, patients are required to comply with our appointment security deposit which is completely refundable one the appointment has been fulfilled. This deposit is currently $50.00

The RC Free Clinic supports all efforts in addressing opioid abuse therefore, does not store or prescribe these medications to our patients.