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Who We Help

Our services are available to:

Adults & Residents

• Adults (age 18 and over)
• Resident of Rutland County*

Uninsured & Under-insured

• Uninsured
• Under-insured – You may have insurance with a deductible which is 10% or more than your annual income.

Financial Hardship

Experiencing an immediate financial hardship which is making it impossible for you to obtain the care or medication you require.

*All veterans are eligible for our services. No residency requirement.

How We Help

The RC Free Clinic is able to provide non-urgent health care services free of charge.

Quality Community Practitioners

Clinical practitioners such as, Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and more devote themselves to our mission on a strictly volunteer basis. All of our clinic providers are required to complete a thorough application process which includes professional credentialing and references.

Our Clinics

Our clinics are approximately 3-4 hours long and typically offered 3 times per week but can be less or more often depending on demand for services. We also do our best to offer clinics at different times of the day to accommodate as many of our patients as possible.

Patient Benefits

As a member of AmeriCares, Direct Relief and the Vermont Food Bank, clinic patients have access to many health care related items at no cost. Available items may include reading glasses, personal and oral hygiene supplies and some over the counter medications for cold and allergy relief. We can also provide a small supply of emergency food if necessary. All of our patients are offered a basic first aid kit.

Where We Help

Our Clinic is located at 145 State Street in Rutland, Vermont. This location provides access to our medical, dental and mental health clinics. It is also the location of our staff offices. Sometimes we can offer services within our rural communities.