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Tobacco Intervention services with RCFC

So today another person told you that you shouldn't smoke, or chew, or vape, like you don't already know this right?

It isn't that you need to be told that this habit is bad for you…perhaps what you need is some support to increase your confidence so you can actually feel like you can win the battle you have with nicotine.

Tobacco users often avoid registering for quit support programs because even though they are having thoughts of quitting, taking this step is a big commitment they may not feel ready for. If you don't register for a quit program, then you can't get the free patches, gum, lozenges, etc. So…you wait and keep using…

If you can relate to this, please call me at 802-774-1085. You do have a choice to move forward without making a commitment you're afraid you are not ready for.

I focus on nicotine intervention.  This means that I will meet you to discuss your current nicotine habit (cigarettes, vaping, chew, or a combination). Part of this meeting will include an assessment of your nicotine use, using a form like this (click on your habit) SMOKE or CHEW. Then we will talk about your options and I will give you a “quit pack". The quit pack contains nicotine replacement treatment for you to try (as long as the products are safe for you). I will also give you a folder that has some interesting tools and information for you to review as you think about your next step.

There is no commitment to see me again. Everything you receive is FREE and the next step is completely up to you!

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