145 State Street          Rutland, VT 05701


A free Adult Heath Clinic serving ALL of Rutland County

Park Street Healthshare, Inc was established in 1996 to provide medical care to adults living in Rutland County with no ability to pay for the healthcare they needed.

*We do not prescribe opioids and the free clinic stores no narcotics.

The RC Free Clinic consistently strives to provide a patient experience that meets or exceeds the patient experience provided by "fee-care" providers.

Who are our patients?

Hard Working People

Most of our patients are people who are working very hard to make a living and simply cannot afford the monthly cost of health insurance through VT Health Connect and make too much to qualify for Medicaid.

Medicare Recipients

With no prescription or dental benefits

Unaffordable Deductible

People employed and insured but have a deductible that is simply unaffordable. They maintain this coverage for catastrophic events, but need an alternative for non life threatening medical needs.

Do You Require Service?

Patients seen by appointment only. Call 802-775-1360 ext 1 for the upcoming clinic schedule.

For emergencies dial 911.

Quality Community Practitioners

All of our Clinical services are provided by highly skilled and experienced health care professionals.

Our Clinics

We are not a 9-5 Doctor’s Office. Because our clinic services are primarily provided by professional volunteers, their availability determines our clinic schedule.

Patient Benefits

We see “health care” from a very broad perspective. Our patients have access to many additional services such as enrollment assistance for Medicaid, YOU First and Tobacco Cessation.
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Clinic Operations

Victor Pisanelli, MD – President, Board of Directors

The Mission of the Rutland Free Clinic is to provide free non-urgent medical and dental care to residents in Rutland County who are uninsured or underinsured.

Tia Poalino, Executive Director

Our Values: To provide the highest quality of care to our patients with respect, patience and empathy. To encourage our patients to value their health and provide them with the resources to practice meaningful self-care.

Laurie Krupp, Clinic Manager

Our Vision: To meet the health care needs of all eligible residents throughout Rutland County. To collaborate on a community level to help eliminate barriers to accessing care, improve health literacy and contribute to healthy communities.

Connecting To Wellness

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